Innovation Wharf


IW01: Robotic Gulingtangan

Inventors: Ak Ahmad Al-Khairi@Aliuddin Bin Pg Tejudin, Hirdy Bin Othman, Pg Dr Mohd Iskandar Petra

The word Gulingtangan is synonymous with Bruneian culture. The traditional musical instrument is played mainly during religious functions or weddings.
Simulating a human playing on the instrument, robotic arms were designed, which would swing the sticks and hit the gongs.

The robot is switched on by hovering one's hand over a touchless sensor. Currently, the students have coded two traditional songs for the instrument, "samalindang" and "adai-adai".

These applications can be used as a foundation for developing a variety of music to suit customers, which could increase awareness amongst the younger generation on the importance of local musical instruments.

IW02: Audio Pendant

Inventors: Tan Chien Loong and Liyanage Chandratilak De Silva

This audio pendant is designed to provide easy and immediate communication; a wifi walkie talkie which sends voice messages instantly to other smartphones. It is cheap to manufacture and only requires a wifi connection, eliminating the need for monthly fees to maintain mobile phone connectivity.

With technology advances quickly and methods of communication have evolved to utilize the internet more, this helps to put the elderly in a challenging position to adapt to new technology and modes of communication such as Whatsapp, LINE or Sype.

IW03: Instant Sinjang

Inventors: Rui Oliveira Lopes and Hj Ahmad Najib Bin Hj Ali Hassan

This Project is to create an instant sinjang and the purpose is that it can or may save time to get ready for any events by just "hook and zip" instead of having to manually fold, tuck, belt and pin.

With this new and modernized way of wearing sinjang for any occasion, it helps people to get ready on time for any event/ceremony. Because the old traditional way of wearing sinjang actually consumes a lot of time and need helper.

IW04: Sampan Ayunan

Inventor: Mohammed Fadhli Bin Awang Ali

The purpose of this project is to preserve the memories of traditional wooden boats otherwise known as sampan kayu which used to play a major role in places such as Kampong Ayer.

Traditional wooden boats were more than just a mean of transportation getting from one place to another. It was also used as a form of entertainment where people gets together in events such as Regatta.

Hence, the memories of wooden boats and its role in the development of early Brunei must be preserve to prevent it from extinction.

IW05: B Notepad

Inventor: Siti Khadijah

This innovation was inspired by the widely used flip chart, which was then turned into a portable briefcase-sized alternative.

Its functions are similar to a flip chart, although one-third of the size. When not in use, it can be fold into the size of a briefcase and when in use, it straightens out which can be propped back with the help of a foot stand

IW06: Reconfigurable Medicine Dispenser

Inventors: Liyanage Chandratilak De Silva, Mohammad Auzi Ahadani, Mohammad Iskandar Petra, Wong Teck Sion

This invention is a reconfigurable medicine dispenser primarily use for home usage but can be employed in pharmacy's environment, achieved from its flexibility both hardware and firmware.

It is capable of automatically counting the medicines accurately and dispensing them into a set of vials provided at pre-determined times. Any web-browser supported gadget can be used to pre-programmed the system, monitor medication pattern (24 hr) and remotely dispense medicines when required. A prototype has been designed and constructed by our students with the guidance of UBD staff. The novelty of this machine is in terms of scalability, achieved through the utilizations of low cost materials and components that can be scaled with respect to end user preference.