Improved Soxhlet Extractor System for Bran Oil Extraction



The invention is an improved soxhlet extractor system for material extraction. The system includes an extractor with a siphon arm at one side and a steam path at other side. The system also includes a condenser with an inlet port and outlet port for cooling water running there through. Additionally, the invention includes a first still pot connected to the extractor, a second still pot connected to the first still pot, and a magnetic heating component provided under the first still pot and second still pot for heating extractant and/or solvent.


UBD Ref: U13    Status: Granted

Filed: May-30, 2012    Granted: Jul-10, 2017

Inventors: Prabitha Vinodh Kumar; Hjh Zohrah binti Haji Sulaiman; Junaidah Abu Bakar

U13-G-BN; BN/N/2012/0016