Reconfigurable Medicine Dispenser



Reconfigurable medicine dispenser is capable of automatically counting medicament accurately and dispensing into a set of vials at predetermined time intervals. The medicine dispenser includes: number of cells/cassettes to store tablets and/or capsules and has ability to dispense and count the tablets and/or capsules. The dispenser has a vial dispenser that serves to store vials and dispense vial one at a time. The dispenser can be monitored and reconfigured with smartphones or any other related devices.


UBD Ref: U14    Status: Granted

Filed: Sep-03, 2012    Granted: Jul-09, 2015

Inventors: Chandratilak De Silva Liyanage; Mohammad Auzi Ahadani; Mohamad Iskandar Petra; Wong Teck Sion

U14-G-BN; BN/2012/0026