Enforcing Fine-Grained Demand Management In Smart Grids

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The invention is related to enforcing demand management in electrical grids. Electrical power is provided from a substation to different locations with smart power demand manager which controls electrical power delivery to power-drawing item. The management system detects discrepancy of unbalanced network load, unscheduled network load, change in network supply, and change in network condition. In case of such detection, electrical power supply is controlled via employing the power limiter of the substation in collaboration the smart power demand manager.


UBD Ref: U18    Status: Granted

Filed: Oct-23, 2012    Granted: Nov-17, 2015

Inventors: Jagabondhu Hazra; Saiful A. Husain; Shivkumar Kalyanaraman; Balakrishnan Narayanaswamy

U18-G-US; BN/2013/0050; US 13/658,423; US 2014/0114,487; US 9,188,967