Real Time Visual Biofeedback for Knee Injury Rehabilitation



The invention is related to real-time visualization system for monitoring recovery progress of Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstructed patients. The invention processes multiple super-imposed EMG bio-signals of limbs muscles and three dimensional kinematics measurement signals from a motion sensor set. The rehabilitation and recovery classification of the patient is determined based on extracted wavelet features from processed signals.


UBD Ref: U25    Status: Granted

Filed: Apr-03, 2014    Granted: Jun-26, 2018

Inventors: Namal Arosha Senanayake Senanayake Mudiyansealge; Owais Ahamed Malik

U25-G-US; BN/N/2014/0036; WO 2015150931; US 15/301,530; US 2017/0027,501; US 10,004,455