Managing Electricity Usage for an Appliance



The invention manages power of appliances by interconnecting an appliance using a connector with a power supply. The invention detects anomalous appliance behavior and deficient power quality by identifying appliance category, current operating state, and current standby state. A corrective action is further undertaken with regard to the appliance by switching off the appliance and warning a user of the detected adverse operating condition.


UBD Ref: U26-C1    Status: Granted

Filed: Oct-7, 2016    Granted: Jul-23, 2019

Inventors: Vija Arya; Tanuja Hrishikesh Ganu; Saiful A. Husain; Shivkumar Kalyanaraman; Ashok Pon Kumar; Chandratilak De Silva Liyanage; Dwi Rahayu, Victoria; Devasenapathi Periagraharam Seetharamakrishnan

U26-C1-G-US; US 15/288,191; US 2017/0023936; US 10,359,775