Injecting Electricity into a Grid From Distributed Generation



The invention manages electricity generation in a distributed electricity generation system. The destination of generated electricity in the distributed generation system is determined based on sensed state of a power grid, sensed state of local energy storage; and sensed demand of a local electricity load.


UBD Ref: U28    Status: Granted

Filed: Feb-12, 2014    Granted: Jun-26, 2018

Inventors: Vijaya Arya; Tanuja Hrishikesh Ganu; Shivkumar Kalyanaraman; Jimmy Lim Chee Ming; Devasenapathi Periagraharam Seetharamakrishnan

U28-G-US; BN/N/2014/0032; US 14/178,818; US 2015/0227124; US 10,007,285