Distributed Phase Balancing

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The invention is used in distribution network with a phase imbalance to determine power consumption and power supply parameters of a particular entity of the distribution network and computing level of power consumption or supply increase and/or decrease associated with a device of the given entity to remedy the phase imbalance within the distribution network.


UBD Ref: U29    Status: Granted

Filed: May-27, 2014    Granted: May-09, 2017

Inventors: Vijay Arya; Jagabondhu Hazra; Tanuja Ganu; Devasenapathi P. Seetharamakrish; Shivkumar Kalyanaraman; Saiful Azmi bin Hj Husain

U29-G-US; BN/N/2014/00100; US 14/287,456; US 2015/0349529; US 9,647,458