Scheduling Crop Transplantations



Determining the day to sow, plant or transplant a crop to maximize yield (referred to herein as scheduling the transplantation date of a crop) presents multiple challenges. Existing approaches commonly include a consideration of only a single transplantation of a crop, and use a yield model of the crop while a yield model is not always available for a given crop or crop variety. Further, generating yield models can be time-consuming and expensive. The invention generates transplantation schedule for a given crop in a given geographic area based analysis of lifecycle constraints, cultivation conditions constraints, and weather forecast constraints.


UBD Ref: U36    Status: Filed

Filed: Apr-15, 2015    

Inventors: Sambuddha Roy; Subhrajit Bhattacharya; Yogish Sabharwal; Jayasuriya M. R. Sarath Bandara; Vanessa Teo

BN/N/2015/0095; US 14/687,485; US 2016/0307135