Airfoil and Blade for Low Wind Speed Turbine



There are several locations with low to moderate wind profiles, which can potentially be utilized for wind energy applications. However, most of today’s commercial turbines do not perform well under such low wind velocities. Keeping this in view, the UBD researchers have developed a wind turbine which will start generating energy even at wind speeds as low as 1.5 m/s and perform well under low wind conditions. This is achieved through a laminar separation bubble controller which is an integral part of the turbine blades. The controller allows an early transition of the flow from laminar to the turbulent region even at low velocities, thereby improving the starting and low wind speed performances of the turbine.

Wind Turbine for regions with low wind speed


UBD Ref: U37    Status: Granted

Filed: Apr-29, 2015    Granted: Nov-01, 2018

Inventors: Haseeb Shah; Sathyajith Mathew; Lim Chee Ming

U37-G-BN; U37-G-US; BN/N/2015/0096; WO 2016174617; US 15/570259; US 2018/0135593 US 10,718,311