Anti-Corrosion Electrolyte Coating



Most metals are prone to corrosion in an oxidizing atmosphere forming compounds such as oxides, hydroxides, and sulphides. Rusting of iron or steel takes place when iron or steel is exposed to oxygen in the presence of water in the atmospheric environment. Due to rust, the metal is degraded forming ferric rust, a red-brown compound, which is a sign of electrochemical oxidation of the underlying metal. The invention discloses an electrolyte used as coating composition comprising sulfonated group graft fluoropolymer resin. The electrolyte is used to coat a thin layer on the painted metal surface, e.g., steel surface, above the ground and off-shore facilities, wherein the thin layer which is dried, transparent, and ionically conductive becomes a good source of constant supply of electrolyte above the ground and at atmospheric conditions.


UBD Ref: U41    Status: Granted

Filed: Oct-02, 2018    Granted: Oct-02, 2018

Inventors: Toru Kitamura; Nursyahidah Husna Binti Haji Tarip; Muhammad Amin Bin Abu Bakar

U41-G-BN; BN/N/2016/0016; WO 2017137814