Thermo-Shielding Window Coating



Existing thermo-shielding or infra-red (IR) absorbing or blocking capability products have certain disadvantages due to strong smell caused by organic solvents used for forming a uniform thin film or layer on a flat and transparent glass surface, difficulty in removing coating for reapply, and fragility to the long span UV radiation of the strong sun light UV. The inventive product solves these drawbacks while keeping its thermohielding and weathering resistant function better than conventional products. The invention provides an aqueous solution comprising fluoropolymer resin, water, and infrared absorbing pigments. The fluoropolymer is modified by incorporating a sulfonic group to obtain sulfonic group grafted fluoropolymer with an average molecular weight up to 2,000,000.


UBD Ref: U42    Status: Granted

Filed: Feb-09, 2016    Granted: Oct-02, 2018

Inventors: Toru Kitamura; Atiqah Md Ali; Nur Fajrini binti Matjalina; Haji Mohammad Redza bin Haji Hussin

U42-G-BN; U42-P-US; U42-P-WO; BN/N/2016/0017; WO 2017137815; US 15/504,612; US 2018/0334578