A talk of the importance of method validation in testing laboratories by the Department Of Scientific Services, Ministry Of Health

June 24, 2021

On 24th June 2021, a talk by the Department of Scientific Services (DSS) of the Ministry of Health was hosted by OAVCIE at UBD. The talk titled ‘The Importance of Method Validation in Testing Laboratories’ was delivered by Puan Nur Nisrinah Binti Haji Awang Yusof, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Health Sciences Division at DSS. The talk was attended by Assistant Vice Chancellor (Innovation & Enterprise), Professor Dr Mohammad Ayub Sadiq; Director of OAVCIE, Pg. Dr Emeroylariffion Bin Haji Abas; Dean of Faculty of Science, Associate Professor Dr Lim Lee Hoon; officers from DSS and UBD lecturers, researchers and students. The talk was part of the research and collaboration between DSS and researchers from UBD.

The talk started off with an introduction to DSS. DSS is a science-based government agency providing scientific laboratory support services in public health safety and law enforcement in Brunei Darussalam. The speaker addressed the importance of analysts reports from their department; with common concerns on testing laboratory and ways to address them. A good laboratory method must be repeatable and reproducible by undergoing the process of development, validation and transfer. DSS adheres to the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 requirements for method validation to assure reliability for the test method developed, and once validated, the method can be transferred to be used as routine analysis. Method validation can help analysts to show that the adopted test method can stand up against any disputes or criticism through demonstration of its proper and sound method validation process carried out beforehand. This means that without validation there can be no assurance that the test method will be fit for the purpose.

By: Hasnah Hassan and Mohammad Nur'Haiyan Hibatullah Bin Roslan 

Edited By: Rabiatul, 5/10/2021 


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