Industry Engagement with RAB Green Sdn Bhd

August 26, 2020

On 26th August 2020, the Office of Assistant Vice Chancellor Innovation and Enterprise (OAVCIE) headed by Professor Dr. Mohd Ayub Sadiq visited RAB Global Green Sdn Bhd factory at Muara. OAVCIE was hosted by CEO of Global RAB Green Sdn Bhd, Rabiatul Adawiyah, and her team. During the visit, they showed their newly built green concept factory along with products they manufactured. Some of the products showcased were their new agent fire extinguishers, aquaponic system, solar panels and Chromatic sealing self-illuminating Solar PV module, a patented product by Global RAB Green Sdn Bhd.

The Chromatic sealing self-illuminating Solar PV module patent aims to promote awareness on the usage of solar panels. The energy-saving solar panels can be made available off-the-shelf to promote sustainability and affordability. The solar panels are coated with colored design where it can be used for aesthetic and promotional purposes while at the same time generating power.

OAVCIE and RAB Global Green Sdn Bhd exchange ideas on potential collaboration. Discussions were focused on various related areas to sustainability, research, teaching and entrepreneurship.

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