The invention manages a picogrid with a computing device by generating power-related models. The models are generated based on data pertaining to a given device battery and context sources, and power-related historical data to determine a charging schedule for the given device battery to provision power for a picogrid.


UBD Ref No: U30    Status: Granted

Inventors: Vikas Chandan, Harshad D. Harshad, Devasenapathi P. Seetharamakrish, Sunil Ghai, Sandeep Kalra, Zainul M. Charbiwala, Tanuja Ganu, Jimmy Lim Chee Ming

Documents: U30 G US, BN/N/2014/0099, US 14/295,581, US 2015/0357,848, US 9,847,660

  • United States

    Filed: Jun 04, 2014

    Granted: Dec 19, 2017