The invention detects information generated by a prepaid energy meter to determine amount of energy consumption associated with the prepaid energy meter. The invention generates code by encrypting the determined amount of energy consumption and identifier corresponding to the prepaid energy meter and output the generated code for transmission to an energy provider associated with the prepaid energy meter. The recharge code is decrypted to for remote recharge operation of the prepaid energy meter.


UBD Ref No: U31    Status: Filed

Inventors: Zainul M. Charbiwala, Harshad D. Khadilkar, Tanuja H. Ganu, Devasenapathi P. Seetharamakrish, Jimmy Lim Chee Ming

Documents: BN/N/2014/0098, WO 2016016827, US 14/446724, US 2016/0035,047

  • United States

    Filed: Jul 30, 2014