Penetration of renewable energy is doubling almost every three years. Renewable sources like wind and solar are highly unpredictable due to their weather dependency. When penetration of such sources is more than 10-15%, intermittency affects the reliability of the grid. To maintain the reliability of the grid, grid operators curtail such sources from the grid. In many occasions, such curtailments happen because of transmission bottleneck to transfer the extra energy generation from RE sources. To reduce such curtailment, it is essential to determine the optimal RE integration limit for any grid/micro-grid. The invention determines the phase-wise renewable energy integration limit in a grid/microgrid considering the intermittency of the RE sources. The invention also provides the optimal size of renewable resources in a grid/microgrid considering the reliability and the economy criterions. Further, the invention determines the minimum loading level (instantaneous and average) of conventional sources in the presence of intermittent RE sources.


UBD Ref No: U39    Status: Granted

Inventors: Jagabondhu Hazra, Manikandan Padmanaban, Ashish Verma, Mohamad Iskandar Petra, Sathyajith Mathew

Documents: U39 G US, U39 P US, BN/N/2016/0014, US 14/926,829, US 2017/0124666, US 10,832,353

  • United States

    Filed: Oct 29, 2015

    Granted: Nov 10, 2020