The invention relates to an apparatus to maintain a person's hygiene. The apparatus comprises an inflatable cushion having an aperture formed at an operative top surface. The top surface interfaces with the body of a user. An inner portion of the inflatable cushion defines a space operatively below the aperture. At least one bedpan is receivable in the space for collecting the excrement of the user and draining any fluid present within the at least one bedpan. The apparatus further comprises a water reservoir for storing water. A water faucet is provided for facilitating regulated discharge of water to allow the user to clean themselves with flowing water after their excretion process. A sewage tank is in fluid communication with at least one bedpan for receiving the wastewater resulting from the cleaning of the user.


UBD Ref No: U56    Status: Filed

Inventors: Ak Mohammad Zulfikri Bin Pg Haji Zulkifly, Hajah Asmah Haji Husaini, Munikumar Venkatasalu, Lim Ren Chong

Documents: BN/N/2018/0021, WO 2019150348