The invention discloses a method and a system for audio messaging using a wearable wireless communication device. A preprogrammed audio pendant with WiFi capabilities is described which automatically accesses a database to download new voice messages for the user and plays it through its speaker. The audio pendant enables to create new messages for uploading to the database and sending to a set of selected devices. An IPS (Indoor positioning system), built into the audio pendant, provides location information of an elderly user within their homes and automatically plays the recently received messages based a satisfying a predefined event or time.

The invention is useful for sending or receiving an audio message from/to a remote user using a wearable portable communication device such as an audio pendant or a wristband.


UBD Ref No: U58    Status: Filed

Inventors: Liyanage Chandratilak De Silva, Tan Chien Loong

Documents: BN/N/2018/0028