Photocatalytic reaction has long been regarded as effective against the growth of mold and fungus as well as germs. In reality, it turned out to be too weak to be called effective from the industrial level and some measures to combine with a pure photocatalytic reaction supplement or to strengthen it has been tried and investigated with virtually no fruitful results so far. A photocatalytic coating liquid consisting of Nafion as an indispensable binder resin is disclosed. In addition to this, the coating also generates strong oxidizing compounds by the decomposition of harmful organic compounds and also to protect the acidic environment by the decomposition of neutralizing chemicals from outside. The coating liquid adequately effective against mold and fungus.

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating for industry and homes


UBD Ref No: U47    Status: Granted

Inventors: Toru Kitamura, Nur Fajrini Binti Matjalina, Haji Mohammad Redza Bin Haji Hussin

Documents: U47 G US, U47 P US, BN/N/2016/0063, US 15/672,081, US 2018/0035667, US 10,827,747

  • United States

    Filed: Aug 08, 2017

    Granted: Nov 10, 2020