March 08, 2024

Friday 8 March 2024 – A joint discussion between Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and W3Ocean Pte Ltd. underscores the potential for collaborative efforts in priority areas. The meeting which was under the facilitation of WE Energy Sdn Bhd deliberate on the promising intersection of agrivoltaics and aquaculture. The meeting, held at the UBD campus, sought to explore collaborative opportunities and potential synergies between academia and industry in the realms of sustainable energy and food production.

The focal point of the discussions revolved around the innovative concept of agrivoltaics, which involves the co-location of agricultural activities with solar energy installations. This strategy holds immense promise in optimizing land use efficiency, enhancing resource sustainability, and fostering agricultural resilience in the face of climate change. The confluence of agrivoltaics and aquaculture holds transformative implications for Brunei's agrarian landscape, offering a blueprint for holistic resource management and sustainable development. By co-locating solar panels above fish ponds or agricultural fields, farmers and energy producers can optimize land use, mitigate water evaporation, and enhance crop yields, thereby fostering a harmonious synergy between renewable energy generation and food production.

W3Ocean Pte Ltd was represented by Tuan Hoi Chong, Managing Director, who was accompanied by representatives from WE Energy Sdn Bhd, Tuan Roger Yap, Director VP Business Development, and Tuan Shahreender Singh, Project Consultant. UBD was represented by the Office of Assistant Vice Chancellor (Innovation and Enterprise) led by Professor Dr Mohd Ayub Sadiq @ Lin Naing, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Innovation and Enterprise) and Dr Ren Chong Lim, Deputy Director (Innovation).

The one-hour meeting yield intentions and strong interests to pursue further engagement to strategise plans for collaborative projects in the near future. UBD is committed to advancing sustainable development initiatives through interdisciplinary research and strategic partnerships which take several forms including research collaboration, students’ work attachment and internship, prospects of partnership for students-entrepreneurs, and the development of innovation lab.

W3Ocean Ptd Ltd, operates as a software company with a niche in providing tailored software solutions for both medium to large-scale enterprises and the general populace. Their expertise spans various sectors including Higher Education, Health Safety & Environment (HSE), Geographic Information System (GIS), Asset Management, Content Management System, Messaging & Collaboration, and Analytics. With a diverse network of associate companies in Jakarta, Singapore, and Brunei, the W3O group is dedicated to delivering top-notch, scalable, and feature-rich applications to meet the demands of its clientele.

By Fifi Faulina Hj Zailani

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