A medicated patch for patients includes a medication layer containing a medication therein, and a backing film disposed on one side of the medication layer. The patch also includes a skin adhesive layer disposed beneath the medication layer; and a protective liner disposed beneath the skin adhesive layer. The patch is placed on a catheter by applying pressure to skin of a subject after insertion of the catheter therein, thereby holding the catheter and the medication diffusing into the skin prevents an exit site of infection.

Patients with chronic kidney disease and in need of Peritoneal dialysis


UBD Ref No: U44    Status: Granted

Inventors: Sheba Rani Nakka David, Rajan Rajabalaya

Documents: U44 G US, U44 P US, BN/N/2016/0060, US 15/672,141, US 2018/0126058, US 10,773,008

  • United States

    Filed: Aug 08, 2017

    Granted: Sep 15, 2020