The invention particularly relates to a membrane-less microbial fuel cell for generating electricity from plants. The microbial fuel cell comprising: a plurality of a pair of electrodes, wherein the pair of electrodes comprises one anode and one cathode; a liquid having a plant into which the pair of electrodes is configured to be positioned; and a component which utilizes the electricity produced. Further, the multiple pair of electrodes can be connected with each other to generate electricity as per the requirements. These pairs of electrodes are connected in parallel and/or in series. In the present invention, the effect of the distance between the electrodes, the surface area of the electrodes, the number of pair of electrodes, and the addition of the rooting powder is also evaluated.

The invention generates electricity from plants


UBD Ref No: U51    Status: Filed

Inventors: Malai Haniti Sheikh Abdul Hamid, Piyasiri Ekanayake, Chai Jia Rong, Lee Sek Khai, Chong Kim Onn, Hussein Taha

Documents: BN/N/2019/0032